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YMCA Camp High Sierra


YMCA Camp High Sierra is located near Mammoth Lakes, CA and is nestled in the Sierra Nevada mountain range containing stunning natural beauty.  This camp has cozy rustic cabins, a small dining hall, outdoor shower houses and activities in and around camp for all outdoor nature lovers.

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Every summer, YMCA Camping Services has the opportunity, and the responsibility to provide a unique outdoor experience for over 3,000 children.  During this one week adventure, there are several goals and desired outcomes for each participant.

•  Grow in the 4 core values of caring, respect, honesty and responsibility
Campers will be faced with challenges throughout the week and they will have the opportunity to display the 4 core values.  During the program debriefs, and cabin talks, there will be focused discussions on the importance of these character traits.  Verbal recognition will be made when campers display one of these values, so others can recognize their growth in this area.

•  Grow in the ability to make good, independent decisions
For many campers, this will be their first time away from home.  Most children are very limited in their ability to make their own decisions, as their parents, teachers and coaches do most of the decision making.  During their week at camp, participants will make decisions about their schedule, their involvement in keeping a clean cabin, when to take a shower, and what to eat.  We have an amazing opportunity to guide their decision making process, and give them tools to make good decisions.

•  Create life-long friendships
Camp presents a wonderful opportunity to create new friendships that can last a life time.  Camp staff must be intentional in creating “friend making” activities and times throughout the week.  Evaluations will be given to campers to assess their progress in this goal.

•  Gain/grow an appreciation for nature and the out-of-doors
Campers will live in the outdoors and nature for 1 week.  During this time, they will participate in programs such as Nature, Hiking, Horseback Riding, Petting Zoo, and Astronomy.  Each of these program guides will have an opportunity to “wet the appetite” of campers, and give them a chance to explore further.  Evaluations will be given to campers at the end of the week to assess their progress in this goal.

Camp Address

YMCA Camp High Sierra

200 Sherwin Creek Rd.
Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546