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YMCA Camp Stories

Kids come home from YMCA Camp with the most amazing stories and experiences, and we just felt we had to share some of the best and most inspiring we've heard. Do you have a camp story of your own? We'd love to hear it!

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“I did the catwalk for the 1st time this summer at camp!”

Amber, 14


"I became the person I am in large part because of my experiences at Camp Whittle."




An adventurous camper on the high ropes


"THANK YOU for the scholarship to camp, not just for us, but for everyone - camp is unbelievable, the best experience ever."



Camp Zumba


Two campers at the petting zoo


Huddling around the campfire at Camp Whittle


“I feel so loved, welcomed, and comforted here. I can be myself here and I love it. I want to come back!”

Jennifer, 17


"Camp is the best time of my life!”

Jazmin, 14


"I truly do not know what me or my family would do without this wonderful camping experience."


Tamani Gatlin, Parent, Weingart Wellness YMCA