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Youth & Government

The LA Y is proud to feature the largest Youth & Government (Y&G) delegation in the country and we couldn’t be prouder that, for the last five years, a YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles delegate was elected to represent the state of California as Youth Governor. Cole Cahill (pictured above) of the South Pasadena San Marino YMCA was sworn-in as the 70th Youth Governor on February 19, 2017. 

Youth & Government’s Model Legislature & Court (MLC) is designed for high school students who are interested in learning more about our governmental process. This unique program allows teens to experience democracy first-hand by debating issues, writing bills, playing the roles of real government officials, attending a statewide conference and even running for elected office.

The most amazing part of the Y&G experience is the 6-month program culminates in our State Capitol during President’s Day weekend. Members of our state government step aside and allow our teen delegates to take over, using the historic halls, chambers and offices of our State Capitol, Supreme Court and Governor’s Office.

More than 2,500 high school students throughout California participate in Y&G.  Just imagine the life-changing effect this immersive, exciting and hands-on experience will have on your teen!

For more information or to enroll your child in Y&G, call or visit your local LA Y branch.

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