Here are some links so you and your family can stay informed on the latest news and information surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak. 



We recognize that this crisis has had a huge impact on so many of us. For information on Food Access In Los Angeles, please visit the Los Angeles Controller’s office website.



    Child360 had a great COVID-19 Support Hub with details about nearly every program that is associated with the COVID-19 outbreak. Everything from maintaining relationships to information about loan programs and stimulus checks. Learn more...



      Even though we can’t go out, there are literally thousands of places you can visit virtually.  Right now, museums, zoos and aquariums from all over the world are making their collections available through virtual tours.  



        These resources are provided by the YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles childhood development start. With the Los Angeles County's “Safer at Home” order in place, we know it’s a challenging time for everyone. Here are several educational resource links to help you and your kids stay engaged, including fun activities from our partner the LA Kings.



          Even though we can’t be working out together, the Y is making is possible for you to stay healthy from home! We have a number of options for you to continue your health journey, even though you can’t be at the gym. We’ve partnered with Y360 and LifeFitness to provide you with online workout at home.

          The YMCA of Greater Vancouver is making their entire online library of workouts available to us during this crisis. Visit their Thrive at Home workout page. Simply select the topic that interests you most and it will link you to the appropriate YouTube page with their workouts for that topic.  

          The My Y Virtual YouTube channel is also available to our members for additional workouts.  

          We have also launched a 30-day at home fitness challenge on Friday, April 3rd. For 30 days, we challenging our members to complete 600 minutes of physical activity over the next 30 days. Compete with Y members to see who can rack up the most points! For those of you who haven’t started, it’s not too late!  Challenge yourself to workout for 600 minutes over the next 30 days! 600 minutes sounds like a lot, but over 30 days, that’s only 20 minutes per day!  We know you got this!



            We’re all facing uncertainty and anxiety during this unusually challenging time.  Please use these resources to help you and your loved ones to help you manage the emotional strain brought on by COVID-19.

            Adult Resources:

            Youth Resources: