Youth Fitness

Our Kids and Teens Fitness programs are designed to improve your child’s overall coordination, endurance and strength while having fun and making friends in a safe, welcoming environment.  We offer a variety of activities, such as boxing, aerobics, plyometrics, weight training and yoga, especially for kids and teens.

Fit kids sleep more soundly, are more focused, and are able to manage physical and emotional challenges better – at school and at home.  Our Kids and Teens Fitness programs also support the Six Pillars of Character as a measure of positive youth development:

  • Trustworthiness - Always pursue victory with honor, demonstrate integrity in all things and observe the spirit and letter of rules, don’t engage in any form of dishonesty, cheating or dishonorable conduct, always put education first and strive to develop and demonstrate good character and high ethics as well as athletic ability.
  • Respect - Be a good sport, treat the traditions of the sport and other participants with respect, don’t engage in or tolerate disrespectful conduct including verbal abuse of opponents and officials, profane or belligerent “trash talking,” taunting or unseemly celebrations  and win with grace and lose with dignity.
  • Responsibility - Be a leader and role model on and off the court, strive to develop life skills to help you become a successful and socially responsible and maintain a healthy balance between school, social life and sports.
  • Fairness -  Adhere to high standard of fair play, treat teammates and opponents fairly, never take unfair advantage and be open-minded.
  • Caring - Play safe-never intentionally injures any player or engages in reckless behavior, help safeguard the well-being of teammates by counseling and encouraging them.
  • Citizenship - Avoid gamesmanship and demonstrate sportsmanship by honoring the rules and goals of your sport and abide by the spirit and letter of rules and codes of conduct of the program.

If you aren’t sure where to start, just give us a call and we’ll recommend programs that will work best for the kids in your family.

Fun, fit, focus.