Adult Racquetball

Our Y Adult Racquetball program includes both clubs and open court opportunities to play with friends. If you’re looking for a great way to build endurance and rally some friendly one-on-one competition, racquetball is for you.

Did you know the YMCA is actually credited with the invention of the modern game of racquetball? In 1950, Joe Sobeck, a professional tennis and handball player, sought to create a fast-paced sport that was easy to learn and easy to play. Over 60 years later, racquetball is more popular than ever.

If you need to borrow equipment, we also provide that free of charge. Simply visit our Welcome Center and we’ll be happy to get you started.

Coordinate your mind and body.

Fast-paced games build endurance and quick reflexes — a great way to get and stay fit while having such fun you don’t notice. Come to the Y and enjoy this fast paced sport on one of our 2 courts.

We are always in need of new players contact