Early Learning Readiness (ELR)

Fostering the excitement of learning starts early, and the role of a caretaker is crucial to help children flourish. 

Our Early Learning Readiness (ELR) program supports the family members, friends and neighbors who look after young children (infants to age 5) during the day.  Thanks to grant funding and the generous support of donors, this free program focuses on increasing the school readiness of children in low-income families.  Combining the fun of a play date with educational skills, we provide hands-on resources to help adults learn how children develop and how to encourage learning and skill-building at home.

With multiple play stations, your child will enjoy a stimulating environment that helps develop their physical, verbal and social skills so they'll be ready to start kindergarten.  Additional benefits include:

  • Kids engaging in active play, while developing emotionally, verbally and socially
  • Caregivers learning how to prepare their child for school
  • Caregivers developing a network of support through social interaction with their peers
  • Kids and adults enjoying toys, books, games, resources, and more

In 2014, ELR made a significant impact on its participants: 90% of the children gained confidence about learning, 40% experienced an increase in social and emotional development, 40% also increased their language and literacy development, and 70% increased their cognitive and general knowledge. Coincidentally, 97% of these children’s caregivers who attended the program implemented new learning activities at home, 84% gained a better understanding of how children learn and develop, and 100% developed more interactive and positive relationships with their child.

Place your child on the path to success.

    Branches offering Early Learning Readiness (ELR):