130th Annual Celebration

The Y is a powerful association of men, women and children joined together by a shared commitment to nurturing the potential of kids, promoting healthy living and fostering a sense of social responsibility.  Last Wednesday night, at the YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles’ 130th Anniversary Dinner, in the spirit of that shared commitment, the organization installed the first woman Board of Directors Chair.

Cristina Rose assumed the leadership role from Jim Ellison, who has served the organization as Chair since 2008.

“We owe a debt to the people who made this movement relevant enough in its purpose and vision to last 130 years,” said Alan Hostrup, President and CEO of the YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles.  “Through very challenging years, Jim Ellison has carefully and thoughtfully carried on the Y’s legacy and created a foundation upon which we can build.  By passing leadership to Cristina, Jim gives us invigorating strength as we work to accelerate our cause.”

Ellison, who is Chairman and CEO of Ellison Machinery Company, joined the Board of Directors for the YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles in 1991.

At the 130th Anniversary event, Ellison said of the Y’s history in Los Angeles, “We don’t measure success in the number of members or branches we have 130 years later. Success is measured by the positive impact the Y has in our communities.  That success is absolutely not possible without all the people in this room working together.  As one movement, as one Y.”

With that, Ellison welcomed the Y’s next volunteer leader, Cristina Rose.  Rose was one of California’s first women lobbyists in Sacramento when she began advocating on behalf of California’s consumers in 1972.  Today, she is widely recognized as an expert in the California legislative and political process by industry, academia, current and prospective officeholders, and media.

In 1987, Rose co-founded Rose & Kindel, a leading California public affairs firm providing governmental, community and media relations services through its offices in Los Angeles and Sacramento. She served as Chair until the firm was acquired in 2004 by a publicly traded international public affairs and public relations company, Huntsworth plc.; and, following the acquisition, served as Senior Managing Director and CEO of Rose & Kindel and of Grayling, the firm’s communications offering.   Among the more than 700 clients the firm represented during her tenure are: AT&T, the Recording Industry Association of America, Google, the L.A. Dodgers, United Airlines, JP Morgan Chase, Fidelity Investments, the City and County of Los Angeles, and American Express.

Rose currently serves as President and CEO of Rose Policy Solutions, providing strategic counsel, issues management, and reputation management to clients on a variety of public policy and crisis management projects.

In June 2006, Rose joined the L.A. YMCA Board of Directors and has been on the Nominating and Board Development Committee, Personnel and Staff Development Committee, and the Good Friday Breakfast Committee.

Among her many honors, Rose was given the first and only "Trailblazer Award" at the annual Statewide Women's Conference, sponsored by California's women legislators; and in 2010 she received the prestigious Coro Crystal Eagle award for extraordinary contribution to the civic life of the State of California.

 A native of California, Rose holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English from UCLA.  She lives in the Hollywood Hills with her husband of 30 years, Scott FitzRandolph. 

“It is fitting, on the occasion of our 130th anniversary, that the YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles welcomes our new Board of Directors Chair, Cristina Rose,” said Alan Hostrup, President and CEO.  “Cristina is a leader of exemplary character, and her strong vision will guide the Y’s cause-driven movement to strengthen the foundations of our community.”