KIPP Partnership

We're thrilled to offer inspiring news about how the Y and one of our community partners are working together for the greater good.

The Y and the national charter school network, Knowledge Is Power Program (KIPP), have been partners for three years now -- ever since KIPP LA Prep moved next to the Weingart East Los Angeles YMCA.

There, KIPP students have benefitted from both after-school Y activities and the on-site P.L.A.Y. program. KIPPsters enjoy classes like dance, aerobics and swimming, and participate in enrichment activities that build the character, confidence and academic skills needed to succeed in school and life.

In one of the nation's most under-resourced and under-performing communities for educational attainment, KIPP LA Prep is now the top-ranking middle school in all of LAUSD.

Marcia Aaron, Executive Director of KIPP LA Schools, shares her views on why the partnership has such dramatic results:

"When we were first considering relocating KIPP LA Prep, a significant consideration was the location of the YMCA immediately adjacent to our proposed school location. We recognized that if we were able to develop a partnership with the Y, we would be able to offer a more comprehensive program for our students -- not just about education and healthy meals but about healthy lifestyles. Physical education and community programming is an important part of serving under-served communities.

When organizations work together we can better serve our under-resourced communities and help to transform them. There is great strength in collaborative partnerships."

Our partnership with KIPP is expanding. Next up is co-locating the KIPP Academy of Opportunity within Weingart YMCA Wellness & Aquatic Center. Stay tuned for more collaboration news!