San Pedro Peninsula YMCA Delegate Elected 68th Youth Governor

On February 12-16, 2015, thousands of YMCA Youth & Government (Y&G) delegates visited the State Capitol for the 67th Model Legislature & Court (MLC) youth leadership and civic development program.  We’re extremely proud that for the third consecutive year, a student from the LA Y was elected the Youth Governor.  Nicolas Gardner, a high school junior who belongs to our San Pedro & Peninsula YMCA, was elected to office with 1,597 votes from his peers.

Represented by over 1,000 Los Angeles high school students, we’re proud to be the single largest YMCA Association represented at the MLC.  As our San Pedro & Peninsula Y’s first Youth Governor, Nicolas will take over from his predecessor Lena Gavenas of our South Pasadena San Marino Y, who followed in the footsteps of Sam Leichenger of our Westside Family YMCA.   

“We’re extremely proud of Nicolas for being elected the 68th Youth Governor, as we are of all our Y&G delegates who attended this year’s MLC,” says Alan Hostrup, YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles President and CEO.  “The level of passion, knowledge and conviction demonstrated by every student is awe-inspiring, and I could not be more delighted to have these remarkable teens represent our Association.”

A six-month “learn-by-doing experience,” the MLC teaches the values of democracy by bringing together high school students from across California to experience government first-hand.  By writing, proposing, debating, budgeting and passing legislation, the teens learn how to solve community problems through the democratic process within the settings of the state senate chambers, state supreme courthouse and governor's office.

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