Santa Anita Family Y's Candy Buy-Back

Our Santa Anita Family YMCA's Candy Buy-Back event on November 1st was a huge success!  We collected 1,000 pounds of Halloween treats from generous neighborhood kids that are on their way to U.S. soldiers around the world!

For the sixth consecutive year, our Santa Anita Family YMCA Members and neighboring elementary school students donated their sweets to our Candy Buy-Back event.  As an effort to keep our kids healthy by asking them to share their Halloween swag with others, we “buy back” their sweet stash and give every child a raffle ticket (one per each pound of candy they turn in) for a chance to win a brand new bicycle. 

Dedicated Y staff sorted, boxed and transported all of the collected candy to Operation Gratitude, which supports and sends care packages to over 250,000 deployed soldiers across the globe.  Last year, the Santa Anita Family YMCA collected approximately 2,000 pounds of candy, which became a part of over 100,000 care packages mailed to U.S. troops around the world.

“Candy provides a lot of calories in the form of sugar and fat, and too much sugar can promote cavities and raise the risk of obesity and other health issues,” says Karen MacNair, Santa Anita Family YMCA’s Executive Director.  “We’re proud to help keep kids healthy during Halloween, and are thrilled we can help provide our troops with much-deserved sweet treats at the same time.”

Santa Anita Family YMCA delivered six new bicycles to a child from every participating elementary school in the area on Monday, November 3rd.