Enjoy making a gift that costs nothing today but will forever support your Y and strengthen your community.

To further the Y's ability to be a positive force in your community can be as simple as including a bequest provision in your will or naming the Y as a beneficiary of your retirement plan, other financial accounts, or life insurance policy. Your gift can either be designated to be used where most needed, or for the purposes of a particular LA Y branch. In addition, making a planned gift automatically makes you a member of the President's Club

Gifts for the Present

These are gifts the YMCA can use immediately in furtherance of its mission, and they are critically important.

An Outright Transfer The simplest way to make your gift is to write a check payable to "The YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles." However, you might do better by contributing appreciated property such as securities, real estate, or shares in a family business. So long as you have owned such an asset for over a year and transfer it directly to the Y (rather than sell it and give the proceeds), you receive a tax deduction for the asset's full value, and you avoid tax on any of the capital gain.

IRA Charitable Rollover Are you preparing to take your required minimum distribution (RMD) from your IRA? Using some of it to make a charitable gift may be a tax-smart choice. Starting at age 70 ½, you can direct a qualified distribution to a public charity like the YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles to satisfy your RMD, and it won't be counted as a taxable distribution. What are the benefits? If you do not itemize on your tax return you can still receive a tax benefit from a charitable distribution since it reduces your taxable income. Also, if you don't need or want all of your RMD you can satisfy that requirement with a charitable distribution without adding to your taxable income.

Charitable Lead Trust A charitable lead trust makes payments to the YMCA for a certain number of years, and then either returns the capital to you or distributes it to your heirs. Depending on how it is structured, it can result in income, a gift, or estate tax savings.

Gifts for the Future Some people supplement their lifetime giving with a future gift that perpetuates their values. All of the following gift choices are fully revocable, with the exception of an Estate Note, meaning that you can undo or amend them should your personal circumstances change down the road.

The Y enhances our ability to achieve our dreams and face new challenges with courage and confidence throughout our lives. The power of this exceptional Y lies in people like you, each making a unique contribution to build a community that is stronger than the sum -- here to ensure the next generation thrives.


The President’s Club, established in 1972, honors those men and women who have shown a long-term commitment to the Y. It is the commitment that qualifies individuals as President’s Club members. Please join the President’s Club to ensure that the Y is here tomorrow as a source of hope, vitality and strength for children and families in our community.

By making either a direct contribution to the Y’s endowment fund or by including the Y in your estate planning, you become part of the President’s Club and a strong tradition of paying it forward. You’ll be joining the circle of caring people who have given us the Y of today which brings together people throughout our community, more than half of them under the age of 25, in support of youth development, healthy living and social responsibility.

The YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles is a 501(c)3 nonprofi charitable organization.