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We offer a wide range of Academic Enrichment classes for kids of all ages, which helps make the most of those after-school hours. Our quality instructors and a specialized curriculum give kids opportunities to extend their horizons, discover new skills and truly enjoy learning.

“My son loves the science classes after school. In fact, most days when I ask him how his day was, all he talks about is what he’s done at the Y!”


Below are just a few examples of our Academic Enrichment classes:

Computer lessons – Your child will learn practical computer programs, such as Microsoft Word and Excel in a fun environment. The class also includes time to practice, in order to develop confidence on the computer.

Creative writing – This enrichment class is perfect to encourage your child’s imagination, creativity and writing skills. There are a variety of exercises, including teacher-modeled writing, shared writing, and independent writing. Topics include journaling, poetry, journalism, story writing, character development, and more.

Science - Our hands-on science program is one of our most popular enrichment programs. Your child will engage in exciting hands-on activities, watch fun demonstrations, participate in inquiry-based discussions, and discover the world around them through activities such as robotics, urban gardening, and coding.

Cartooning - Do your kids love to draw?  Would they enjoy learning drawing techniques? In this fun class, they’ll learn how to replicate some of their favorite cartoons, while developing their own animated characters.

After-school learning = After-school fun.

Turn your child’s academic challenges into a learning experience. Well-trained, responsible staff provide quality supervision for your kids. Your child will participate in fun and educational activities! Activities include fitness, arts & crafts, homework time and character development in our safe, friendly environment.

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14030 Weddington Street
Sherman Oaks, CA

Hours: 7 - 8 am, 2 - 6 pm
Ages: 5 - 12 years

    For more information, contact Sandra Donis at 818 763 5126 Ext 2111 or [email protected] .