The YMCA of Los Angeles has been making a positive impact in our communities for over 130 years. Our 26 branches stretch across over 100 miles of Los Angeles County, from Antelope Valley to San Pedro. Our membership community is 264,500 strong. Membership is open to all, with financial assistance available to those who cannot afford it. This year, the LA Y helped 1 out of 3 member families with financial assistance.

We cannot do our work alone, extending our work with over 200 community partners across the county, including schools, hospitals, clinics, cities and other civic organizations.


Duke Ostendorf, Board Chair
Retired, Pacific Palisades

Rob Lowe, Past Board Chair
Chief Executive Officer Retired, Lowe Hospitality GroupĀ 

Pete Crosby
Co-founder and Principal Emeritus CGR Management Consultants LLC,
Industrial Management ConsultantsĀ 

Cameron Brown
Pacific Palisades

Layth Carlson, Past Board Chair
Senior Accountant, Steve Callas & Associates

Helen Hutchinson Levin
Pacific Palisades

Michael Martini
Retired, Pacific Palisades

Dan Berman
Managing Partner, Wood, Smith, Henning & Berman LLP

Pamela Magee
Executive Director & Principal, Palisades Charter High School

David Severino
General Sales Manger for K-Earth 101, CBS Radio

Neil Godsey
Financial Advisor, Strategic Financial Group Retired