Kids Arts and Crafts

Do you have a budding Picasso or animator at home? Our Kids Arts and Crafts classes encourage your child to draw, paint and craft projects, so they can develop their artistic talents and expression. Through various media, our arts and crafts classes give kids a creative outlet that allows their imaginations to flourish.

We’ll provide guidelines for kids to complete a particular art project, while incorporating their own ideas and inspiration into their masterpieces. Crafts help teach fine motor skills, including use of glue, scissors, and more.

Here’s just a sampling of our Kids Arts and Crafts classes:

Adventures in Art: Young artists explore art through self-expression and creativity using a variety of art media, including painting, drawing, crafts, and more. This art class provides an emotional, rewarding and nurturing experience for budding artists at all levels.

Comic Book Art: Kids learn the basic principles of art by journeying deeper into the world of animation. Creativity is encouraged as they learn to draw and sketch characters, shapes, and pictures.

Pip-Squeak Painters: Young children are introduced to using paintbrushes and their hands as tools to create art. Little ones squish, squash, and splat their way to creating their very own masterpieces!

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Nurturing love for art at all ages.