Youth Enrichment Classes

Youth Dance

Our Kids Dance classes provide an outlet for developing self-expression, grace, strength, agility, creativity and balance. If your child loves to move and wants to learn more about the specifics of a particular dance discipline, they’ll enjoy one of the many classes we offer.

“My daughter was never really fond of the more traditional forms of dance like ballet or tap, but she is absolutely loving the Hip Hop class! She’s learning coordination, rhythm and balance, and she just has fun with all the other kids.”

Here are a few of the dance classes we offer. Progressive levels of each class are available for ages 6-18.

Ballet: Our Ballet classes are designed to inspire and encourage your child while instructing them in essential ballet positions, such as foot and posture alignment, working at the barre, executing floor exercises, turns, leaps and more.

Hip Hop: Our Hip Hop classes are fun, high-energy dance sessions that promote physical agility and fitness. Hip Hop will teach your child to listen and respond to musical cues, as well as increase their overall health and wellness. All musical selections and dance moves are age appropriate.

Hula and Tahitian Dance: Learn and experience the traditional style of dance from the Hawaiian Islands! We offer different levels, along with different styles for your child!

Jazz: Our Jazz classes are fun and energetic, and incorporate dance techniques that emphasize flexibility, placement, and turns.

Modern Dance: Modern Dance’s contemporary style allows your child to use dance techniques in an expressive, unstructured, and creative form of dancing. Children will learn fun choreography and technique, while building discipline through body movement.

Tap: Tap the day away in our popular tap dance classes. We cover the basic tap moves, including floor steps, patterns, combinations, and rhythms. Tap shoes are not mandatory, but are highly recommended for these classes.

If you have any questions about the classes, just give us a call.

Jump, spin and tap your way to fitness and fun.