Afterschool Enrichment

We offer a wide range of Academic Enrichment classes for kids of all ages, which helps make the most of those after-school hours. Our quality instructors and a specialized curriculum give kids opportunities to extend their horizons, discover new skills and truly enjoy learning.

Below are just a few examples of our Academic Enrichment classes:

Super Science 

Do you like to see things explode? If so, Super Science is the class for you! Students will be able to dive into our theme of "Things that Explode!" Get your hands dirty by combining different materials such as baking soda and vinegar to create an explosive reaction! 

Homework Club 

Parents…does your child need extra help with their homework? Come and drop your child off to get some help with their homework during the afterschool hours. No registration required for members. Fee required for non-members. 
Check out the academic enrichment offerings at your local Y and choose a class that’s perfect for your child. 
After-school learning = After-school fun.