Systemic racism causes trauma in youth and adults, in rural communities and urban communities and impacts people of color as well as white people. Racism is a public health crisis and negatively affects the mental and physical health of millions of people, preventing them from attaining their highest level of health, and thus impacting the health of our nation. Research clearly shows that systemic racism negatively affects communities of color. Read more...

DIGMD Words of the Week - Black & More!

Language is ever-changing. The purpose of the Diversity, Inclusion, Global and Multicultural Development (DIGMD) Glossary of Terms is to help ground a common language across the Y Movement to better understand and highlight the diversity of the many individuals we serve and employ. Generationally, words have held significance, value, and offense for different groups, and this glossary strives to bridge the gaps between current meanings, previous usage, and new terms to support various identities. For individuals to show up as their most genuine selves, the Y must be intentional with creating space to allow participants, members, staff, and volunteers space to self-identify and share different dimensions of their diversity.

To ground this understanding, we would like to begin this exploration with words relevant to Black History Month! Explore the definitions of Black, African American, Anti-Blackness, BIPOC, People of Color, and Race.

In the comments below, share what definition that you better comprehend, any question you may still have around these definitions, how can these learnings be brought to your Y, and how can your Y help create space for members, staff, and volunteers to self-identify and learn more about their identities?


Black Anti Blackness

People of Color BIPOC

Race African American