74th Model Legislature & Court (MLC)

For over 73 years, California YMCA Youth & Government has provided high school youth throughout California an experiential learning program by modeling California’s legislature and courts. The program offers teen youth participants from around the state the opportunity to collaborate with others and build skills such as critical thinking, persuasive public speaking, writing and research. Youth & Government is rooted in the YMCA’s core values of Caring, Honesty, Respect, and Responsibility and is a platform for social responsibility, servant leadership and personal development.

Our goal is to nurture the next generation of civically engaged Californians, so that they recognize the importance of:

  • Civic Knowledge: They understand the structure, function and procedures of the California Legislature, including bill development.
  • Civic Awareness: They can identify the major issues facing their communities.
  • Civic Action: They are equipped with the tools they’ll need to make change in their community and can identify the importance of mutual respect, personal responsibility and active listening in group settings.

The 74th Model Legislature & Court will be virtual for one more year during this pandemic, bringing together more than 1700 youth participants representing over 56 delegations across California. Delegates will convene on a weekly basis from virtual meetings to in person local delegation meetings. The program will include conferences in October, November, January and culminating in a conference in February that allows participants the opportunity to put their training into action as they assume their given roles. Legislation is debated and court cases are decided, as students apply skills they have gained in the program.

For program information, please contact: Ali Sheaffer, Statewide Program Director AliSheaffer@ymcaLA.org.