Physical Learning Activities for Youth (PLAY)

The PLAY program is a fully structured PE program that offers a curriculum based on California State Standards to elementary students in the Los Angeles area. PLAY operates on 95 school campuses in the Los Angeles area, serving over 50,000 students each year.

Program Goals

Our PLAY program aims to increase physical fitness in youth, diminish fears and stigmas associated with exercise, and promote social-emotional learning. We focus on teamwork, group work, values, and support of one another. All activities are done in an environment of fun, fellowship, and skill-building. The program ensures all students participate, learn physical skills, build self-esteem, and have fun.

Class Duration & Schedules

Each class lasts 45-55 minutes and consists of warm-ups, stretching, cardiovascular, muscular strength and endurance, and skill development activities. Each school can create its own schedule based on its specific needs.


To ensure safety, the student-to-coach ratio cannot exceed 1 coach per 30 students.

Staff Qualifications

PLAY Program Directors, who oversee all school sites, possess Bachelor's Degrees in Kinesiology, Physical Education, Exercise Science, or a related field. All staff complete extensive PLAY program training, child abuse prevention, and positive child discipline training. They also have at least one year of experience working with children ages 5-12.   
Curriculum Units

  • Skill Set - Basketball, Soccer, Ball Hockey, Track & Field, Volleyball, Football, Body Discipline, Fitness, Frisbee, Jump Rope, Movement & Exploration, Parachute Play, Playground Games, Scoops and Hula Hoop. 
  • Education - Character Development, Nutrition, Fitness Concepts, Muscular Strength & Endurance, Flexibility, Body Composition and Injury Prevention.   

Contact Us

For more information about the PLAY Program, contact Erica Snyder, Operations Executive Director, at or 818 798 8705.