At the Y, we nurture the potential of every child and teen, preparing youth for successful futures through programs that support positive development from birth to career.

U.S. careers requiring skills in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) are growing. In response, the Y is creating opportunities for youth to explore STEM and develop decision-making, problem-solving and analysis skills. We focus on shared learning, community outreach and powerful collaboration. Through our STEM Club we seeks to increase students’ awareness, understanding and interest in STEM-related concepts, and post-secondary educational opportunities and careers. The LA Y STEM Club programs also seek to impact and raise students’ math and science proficiencies and their persistence or intent to continue in post-secondary STEM course and career pathways.

Tesoro STEM Club programs must:

  • Increase awareness of STEM post-secondary education and career pathways
  • Increase interest in STEM post-secondary education and career pathways
  • Increase STEM proficiency (understanding of STEM concepts and subjects)
  • Increase persistence in STEM education and career pathways
  • With our intentional programming efforts we will encourage our young minds to explore STEM careers, develop decision making, problem solve, critically think but most of all be innovative.