Discover the YMCA's dedicated focus on the Boys and Young Men of Color (BYMOC) Strategy, aimed at ensuring equitable outcomes for boys and young men of color aged 11-17 within the vibrant and diverse community of Los Angeles. Our mission is to eliminate systemic barriers, provide relevant services and support systems, and create nurturing environments that promote confidence, growth, and future leadership potential for these young individuals.


Why We Focus on Boys and Young Men of Color

Boys and young men of color face significant challenges, including higher rates of growing up in poverty, residing in impoverished neighborhoods, and experiencing a higher likelihood of poverty in adulthood. To address these disparities, we strive to:

  • Help them build healthy relationships with peers and adults.
  • Foster their positive cultural- and self-identity.
  • Support opportunities for community connections and civic engagement.


Infusing BYMOC into Various Programs

At the YMCA of LA, we are committed to infusing the BYMOC initiative into a variety of programs to help build the future leaders of tomorrow. BYMOC Strategy, providing tailored support and opportunities for growth to boys and young men of color.

Our diverse range of programs

  • Sports,
  • Youth and Government,
  • Bold Gold Camp,
  • Leaders Club


Get Involved and Make a Difference

To learn more about the BYMOC Strategy, our programs, and how you can actively contribute to building a brighter future for boys and young men of color, reach out to Sheldon Gibson at . Your involvement and support are crucial in empowering these young individuals and fostering positive change within our community. Join us in creating a more inclusive, equitable society where every individual has the opportunity to thrive and lead. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the lives of the Boys and Young Men of Color in Los Angeles.


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