Together in Service

Join us and a dynamic coalition of nonprofit organizations, to achieve an ambitious milestone: 25,000,000 hours of service by 2029.

Volunteerism at the Y

At the YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles, volunteers are essential to our mission of building stronger, healthier, and more equitable communities. Through our integrated areas of focus—Healthy Living, Youth Development, and Social Impact—volunteers contribute to a holistic approach that promotes physical health, nurtures young minds, and addresses systemic barriers. Our vision is a community where everyone has a transformative Y experience, fostered by the dedication of volunteers who meet immediate needs and drive long-term social change. With a focus on being people-centered, place-based, and community-oriented, volunteering at the YMCA is a pathway to personal growth and civic engagement, empowering both individuals and communities to thrive together.

Our Mission

Unify LA for the common good with the strength and organizational support from local community-based organizations to collaborate on people and community-centered projects in underserved neighborhoods.


From educational programs to health initiatives and environmental improvements, each project is designed to address the unique needs of our communities.

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Engage a cause that resonates with you and contribute by volunteering your time, providing resources, or sharing your expertise.

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Are you a corporation seeking a community partnership or a student searching for service-learning opportunities? There's a place for you in our mission.

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Our Partners

As we unite a dynamic coalition of nonprofit organizations, we harness the strength in numbers to achieve an ambitious milestone: 25,000,000 hours of service by 2029. 

This powerful alliance magnifies our collective impact, enabling us to effectively tackle complex challenges in LA's underserved neighborhoods. Each organization brings its unique capabilities and resources, making our joint efforts more expansive and impactful. Through this collaboration, we're not just aiming to meet a numerical goal; we're weaving a strong network of committed partners, each contributing to a lasting, positive change in our community.

Our unified efforts symbolize a beacon of hope and action, setting a precedent for community service and empowerment.

If you are interested in volunteering or partnering, email