Together in Service: A Catalyst for Community Change



In the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy, the YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles (LA Y) witnessed an inspiring kickoff of the Together in Service initiative. This day brought together volunteers, community members, and organizations, showcasing a united front for positive community change.

The Heart of the Initiative

The essence of Together in Service lies in its commitment to community well-being, achieved through collaborative service and partnership. A coalition of diverse nonprofit organizations aims to complete an ambitious 25 million hours of service by 2029 to commemorate Dr. King’s 100th Birthday. The diverse projects range from educational enhancements to health and environmental improvements, addressing specific community needs and reflecting a deep dedication to meaningful impact across Los Angeles.

A Day of Impact

At the inaugural Together in Service event, volunteers and partners convened at the Crenshaw Family YMCA and engaged in volunteer activities. Volunteers assembled sandwiches for the unhoused neighbors and participated in neighborhood beautification through street clean-up efforts. In collaboration with the American Red Cross, volunteers and partners learned vital emergency preparedness skills, including hands-only CPR. A gardening project promoted environmental stewardship, and the LA Civil Rights Department provided essential information on combating the rise of hate crimes. To encapsulate the essence of the initiative, artist Sergio Robleto collaborated with the Crenshaw Family YMCA to create a mural reflecting the dreams and aspirations of youth in the community.

A Call to Action

As Together in Service moves forward, it invites all of LA to join in this transformative journey. The spirit of that day at the Crenshaw Family YMCA continues to inspire, ensuring Dr. King's legacy remains a guiding force in community upliftment and serves as a strong start to an initiative that aims to transform the community for years to come.