Safety Around Water


Learn Prevention

Watch Out for Curious Children

  • Stay within arms reach when your child is near water
  • 72% of drownings take place at home.
  • Avoid floaties - use lifejackets instead
  • Teach your child to swim.

Know the Facts

Drowning is Preventable

  • Drowning is silent and quick
  • Only need mouth and nose covered to not breathe
  • Use caution around bath tubs, bodies of water, buckets, and backyard pools
  • 88% of drownings take place under some supervision
  • 60% of drownings take place within 10 feet of safety.

Signs and Symptoms

Drowning victims are rarely able to wave or call for help. Watch for:

  • Head low in the water or tilted back
  • Gasping
  • Trying to swim but not moving
  • Hair covering forehead or eyes
  • Eyes closed or unable to focus.


Safety Around Water