Staff Spotlight: Sheldon Gibson, Director of Teen Development

The LA Y is proud to highlight our team member, Sheldon Gibson, for his leadership in Youth Development & Teen Empowerment.

Sheldon was recently featured in Call for Code Digest for his work with Y teens and IBM to implement valuable enhancements to the Five Fifth’s Voter solution. Improvements to the platform included making technology translatable for over 10 languages and building resources for the young voters to prepare themselves for future elections. In collaboration with the Call for Code Racial Injustice leaders, Sheldon aims to empower youth and push technology forward to solve pressing racial injustices we see in today’s society - Most notably, voter suppression. 

These programs and the leaders like Sheldon, help drive equity for all communities when it comes time to hit the polls!

Sheldon has been a part of our YMCA family since he was a senior in high school where he began his journey as a camp counselor in his hometown of Richmond, Va. From there he moved to our Childcare/Youth Programs, helping create the Leaders and Training Program, Y Achievers, Teen Rallies and Leaders Club programs at various branches in the area. He currently serves as a Regional Teen Director for multiple LA Y locations and Co-chair for the LA Y African American Resource Network.

We are so grateful for the hard work and dedication that Sheldon brings to not only the LA Y, but all YMCA’s throughout the country.