YMCA Summer Camp Is in Full Swing

“The kids are running around, they’re just happy to be outside,” said Oscar Rodriquez, who had been in charge of the YMCA sports program in Mid-Valley, but with the program on hiatus because of Covid-19, he came back to work with Palisades YMCA Executive Director Jim Kirtley.

The kids’ exuberance and enthusiasm at being outside and playing was heartening.

Circling the News had stopped by to watch an art project that resident Cindy Simon was doing with the kids.

Parents are not allowed in the large park at the corner of Sunset and Temescal Canyon Road because of Covid-19 restrictions. At the table by the gate, all campers have their temperature taken before entering, masks are required, and parents have to answer questions such as “Has anyone been ill? Do you know anyone who has tested positive for Covid-19 or has been out of the country the past 14 days?”

The kids are then allowed in, and join a group that closely mirrors their age, and most likely is the same group that they have been with during the week.

A little guy was walking with Kirtley because, “I lost my mask,” said the three-year-old. He was instantly given a replacement. Read more...

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