Swim Lessons

Youth Swim Lessons

As the Y invented the concept of group swim lessons, there is no organization more qualified to teach children aquatic safety. Now, the Y’s new national Swim Lessons program ensures the same high-quality experience at every YMCA throughout the country. Utilizing a clear progression track based upon age and ability, participants build confidence to reach swimming skill milestones. As drowning is a leading cause of death among children and adults, all lessons emphasize personal safety around water.

Benefits of this approach include:

  • Accommodating students of all ages and abilities
  • Providing personalized attention in a supportive environment by expert instructors
  • Improving communication about skill progression through definitive milestones
  • Fostering connection through new friendships and group activities

Featuring three phases - Swim Starters, Swim Basics and Swim Strokes, there are multiple stages within each based upon the swimmer’s age and ability.


If you’re having difficulty choosing the appropriate stage, the Y’s Swim Lessons Selector can help, or give us a call at the branch and we’d be happy to assist you.

Build confidence with every stroke.

    Swim Starters

    Introduces infants and toddlers to the aquatic environment under active supervision by a caregiver. Read more…

    Swim Basics

    Focuses on body position and movement, not yet introducing technical form. Read more…

    Swim Strokes

    Introduces stroke technique, coordination and endurance. Read more…