How to Make a Positive Difference in Los Angeles

By Blake Morris November 1, 2017

A single mother wants to enroll her two-year-old daughter in an early childhood education program, but one doesn’t exist in her neighborhood. What does she do? Can you help make a difference in this family’s life?

A 7th grader just learned his P.E. class has been cut due to lack of funding. Now what? Can you help make a difference for that child?

A 15-year-old looks at his community and all the problems facing it. He is passionate about helping others, but doesn’t know where to start. What can he do? Can you help make a difference for this teen?

The answer is yes, you can make a difference in each of these situations.

Although these scenarios are different, they share a common certainty; each need encouragement and support, which the YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles (LA Y) provides in abundance. Strengthening community is our cause.   

Sadly, some communities have a much tougher time offering the positive experiences its residents deserve. Of our 26 LA Y branch facilities, more than half are located in low-income neighborhoods, including Weingart YMCA Wellness & Aquatic Center (South Los Angeles), Weingart East Los Angeles YMCA (East Los Angeles and Boyle Heights), Southeast-Rio Vista YMCA (Huntington Park and Maywood), and Crenshaw Family YMCA (Crenshaw and Baldwin Hills), which serve some of the most under-resourced areas in the nation.

This is where you can help.

In effort to provide greater equality and opportunities for all, YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles created its Urban Initiative: Cradle to Career Success. This initiative, launched in partnership with Mayor Eric Garcetti, supports Los Angeles’ most underserved and under-resourced neighborhoods by addressing pressing academic and community needs. It expands the Y’s proven child care, fitness, education, and leadership programs to provide a firm continuum of support for children and teens growing up in urban LA.

Urban Initiative: Cradle to Career Success provides a solution for the single mom in search of an early childhood education program by bringing the Y’s Early Learning Readiness program into her community.

The Y’s PLAY (Physical Learning Activities for Youth) program assists the 7th grader who lost his PE class due to budget cuts by bringing in expert YMCA coaches to provide students with three hours of physical and nutrition education.

The 15-year-old who wanted to improve his community is empowered to do so through the Y’s afterschool programs, including Youth & Government which emphasizes teen leadership and civic engagement to incite positive change.

Where there are problems facing our communities, the YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles is offering solutions. With so much vital work to be done, we can’t do it alone. Your help is needed.

Make a donation to make a difference. Your support will sustain and expand programs that help kids grow into our community’s happy, healthy, thriving leaders of tomorrow.