Tips to Maintain Your Exercise Routine This Holiday

Fall is finally here and with the start of the holiday season, making time for your exercise routine can be a challenge. Less daylight hours, cooler temperatures and frequent holiday gatherings can also zap your energy. It may be hard to stay motivated, but don’t let a few months of revelry derail the fitness gains you’ve worked hard to achieve this summer.

Use these tips to sneak in holiday workouts:

Move regularly. If your job requires a lot of sitting, set an hourly alert on your phone to remind you to get up and walk around your office. Better yet, sip water all day to stay hydrated and Mother Nature will force you to get up on a regular basis!
Take a stroll with a friend during lunch or get your family outside for an evening walk to amp up your calorie burn. Be sure to wear reflective clothing or carry a safety light so others can see you when walking at night.

Choose something you love. When you enjoy doing something, you’re more inclined to make time for it. The Y’s Group Fitness or Small Group Training classes offer an array of options and the opportunity to meet new people. Nothing helps keep you on track better than a regularly scheduled class with friends who also count on seeing you. One of my favorites is the Small Group Training TRX circuit class now offered at all LA Y branches.

Flex your muscles. Things as simple as lifting a box of supplies or a small child (that would be a 3-year-old grandchild in my case) provide extra credit toward burning more calories. You can even use your own body weight to strength train. Learn how at the Y and we can teach you how to build muscle and burn calories all day long.

Finally, while it’s important to move, any workout must be balanced with good eating habits. Know your trigger points and put together a plan before heading to all holiday soirees so you can focus on the fun.