Is Your Resume Keeping You From Getting the Job?

We’ve all been there. You wake up one day and find yourself ready to take the next step in your career. You scour online job boards, polish your resume and send it off to hiring managers at numerous companies. You’re excited, hopeful and determined…until you realize that six weeks have gone by and you haven’t heard a peep from any of your prospective employers. Your spirit is crushed and what makes the lack of a response so difficult is that you are never told why the company didn’t reach out to you.

While there are many reasons candidates may not hear back from a potential employer, a common reason is their resume simply didn’t make the cut. The next time you find yourself ready to apply for a new position, avoid these resume pitfalls that may keep you from the job of your dreams.

Typos and Grammatical Errors. If your resume is sloppy with typos and poor grammar, an employer may draw unflattering conclusions about your abilities, or lack thereof.

Highlighting Job Duties Instead of Accomplishments. Don’t simply list previous job responsibilities. Employers care more about what you have accomplished in previous jobs than various activities that were assigned as part of your position.

Missing Action Verbs. Without the use of action verbs, such as administered, analyzed, appointed, attained, chaired and consolidated, a resume fails to demonstrate leadership skills, competencies and ability to be assertive. Word choice is critical to describe what you can do to persuade prospective employers to give you an interview.

Too Long of a Resume. In order to capture and keep your reader’s attention, your resume should not exceed two pages.

Incorrect Contact Information. A potential employer cannot contact you if the phone number or email address on your resume is incorrect.  Double check all contact information and proofread your resume carefully.