Youth Institute Media Arts 

The Youth Institute Media Arts is a year-round YMCA program that uses technology to promote youth development and prepare students for college & career readiness. The Youth Institute trains youth in an array of digital media skills including graphic design, web design, movie making, and music mixing in a computer lab setting. Projects are designed to encourage in youth a love of learning, while progressively and comprehensively building their academic, workforce, and social skills.

YIMA members provided media support for Youth & Government participants’ election campaigns and document the experience with the production of short films. YIMA participants also publish printed and online magazines, produce PSAs on issues of concern for youth in their neighborhoods, and create visual archives of Y service work.
Youth Institute Media Arts participants have shown significant improvements in the fundamentals of leadership, including written communication, speech communication, group dynamics, personal skills, and planning skills. They have also shown significant increases in their tech skills in web design, word processing software, data processing software, digital video filming, digital music creation, presentation software, digital video editing software, graphic design, digital photography, and animation. Youth also report a significant increase in academic self-perceptions, educational motivation, and self-regulation. Every graduating senior from Weingart East LA’s Youth Institute Media Arts has headed to college.

For more information about our Youth Institute Media Arts please visit Weingart East Los Angeles YMCA or call 323 260 7005. 


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